Cause The Runway is Every Where

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Girls girls girls, what does style mean to you? For me its mean a lot. People will know yourself from your style. Its important, like as if you wanna work in a company or office you can wear a formal outfit, or a stylish look if you wanna work as a stylist. You will be known as a stylist if you wear a stylish outfit, or maybe people will know you if you are feminine,tomboy, sporty, edgy by your style too. I mean its important so you will not carelessly to yourself. It also multifunction, i mean like you cannot wear a high heels to go to a concert, or wear an ankle boots for jogging so you will not be wrong. 

Then here i come, at Femme CBFW there's a lot of about fashion you can learn, by seeing the on and off runway, by hearing the talkshow or the seminar maybe. Yeah this event is mean a lot to me.

Anyway maybe you can steal their style here, or maybe for learn how to be stylish cause some of "The Off Runway" style here not only from the teens. And oh! This post i dedicate for Femme, cause i dont just wanna write or capture the runway and all about the stage here, i wanna make something new like posting "The Off Runway" so you guys maybe can inspired by their style. Here they are...


Mrs. Amy from @AlleaItangYunasz brand

Mr. @ariyarka the designer of Abee brand

Mrs. Maya Ratih @thisismadja, the designer of @Mayaratihcouture

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