Whats On The Opening of CBFW

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yesterday i attended the first day of FEMME CBFW. What a hectic daaay, cause i just could attend the night show and its as the Opening of Celebes Beauty Fashion Week or you can say CBFW. There are some show at that opening nite by Defrico Audy, viena|kd, and rudy chandra but i just could capture fews moments cause my camera was low, oh so saad.

They showed 40 designs, Defrico showed 12, Viena|kd showed 16 designs, and Rudy Chandra showed 12 designs. So these are some of their designs. *Sorry cause i just could capture some designs. This year Rudy Chandra bring 12 Ready to Wear Deluxe collections and it can be wear by moeslem and also by the women who's not wear hijab. 

Another designer, Viena Mutia bring 16 collections and collaborate with Krisdayanti the Indonesia's Diva for her designs this year. The theme is "Deep Ice" and its inspired by the beauty of snow, we can see it from the colors such as grey and white. You girls who wear hijab dont be worry, cause you can wear it, you too who didnt wear hijab, yeah you can wear it too.

Designed by Rudi Chandra

Rudy Chandra with All of His Degins

Left to Right: The Model Guest Ussy Sulistiawati, The Designer Viena M and Krisdayanti

All Viena|KD Designs

Left to right : Designed by Defrico Audy, Rudy Chandra, and Viena M|KD

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