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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Guys at second time i wanna introduce all about myself.
hy you all my name is HABIBA PRATIWI AMRULLAH, my nick name is TIWI so you can call me tiwi
now my age is 16th yo, n i live in makassar, INDONESIA our beloved country.

i've one lil bro and sist, and of course my father., but my mommy has called by Allah on 2006 ago :'(
Then i like some sweety like pudding, ice cream, chocolate, cupcake, brownies and many more but i dont like tart, uhh it has a bad taste >.< eh anyway two more sweety that love, pink and grey, cause those color are so girly, but not only those color that i love, many more :D

mmm thing that i like to do are browsing, listening to music, download, surfing all about hijab style (it ought to (: ) download all about paramore and twilight, im a scout girl so i like scouting, shopping, hunt a unique thing, visit new restaurant in my town, cook a cake, playing game, study english, learn sundanese, walk around my town and bla bla bla.... maybe when you see this post u say,  how useless all the things that u like to do, but i think this what i like to do and maybe its difficult to change but when i know it has much badness than kindness Insya Allah i can change it. cause i want change all bad things i know in myself, who want some badness in ourself man? of course we wand kindness.

what else guys? the bad thing i have. Idk why do i always angry, and when im angry i dunno how to control it.. haaah i always look for how to handle my emotional, i always try to be patient but unfortunately i cant do that :(( i know that now im 16 yo, maybe cause of that i cant control my emotional yet, but i want to erase it, i want it loose from myself, amin.
one more big problem with myself, im lazy :( hoaaahh big no no for lazy!! i always look for how to erase it too, i wanna be diligent girl, i want diligent in learning, in praying of course, in cleaning my home, and in everything, but hooooooowwwwww difficult to erase it!! sometimes i conscious now im at 3rd grade, hey wake up girl! wake up! now u are at 3rd graduate, u have to face national exam, school exam, u have to face SNMPTN test, STAN test and all that you want!! but how lazy you are Tiwi :@ it just a dream if you wanna learn in english literature of UGM, STAN jakarta, or PLN jakarta if you still lazy like this!!!

so the conclusion is i have to ready and study hard to face it..... i hope so i can get it all, amin :D
keep spirit reader

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