Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Salut! My name is Habiba Pratiwi Amrullah, but not that long, you can call me Tiwi.
I currently live in Semarang, central java, Indonesia, but my hometown is actually in Makassar, south sulawesi, Indonesia.

Here, in this city, i just finished my college Semarang State University, or you can say it UNNES, and learn about French literature. Yeah thats why sometimes i write in French. Maybe you ask me why i choose this strange major, hmm... I choose it cause i love learning language although mine is not really good.

After this maybe i wanna study again, maybe in French, Swiss, Canada, Belgium, or any country with "French" as their official language. But, beside it, cause i love fashion, i will (not i wish) work in every job that related with fashion. As a creative director, a photographer for an e-commerce or magazine, a visual merchandiser, or maybe a fashion stylist. Yeah, wish me luck!

Just that i think, no more special things about me. Oh last but not least, sorry if my English is not good. See ya!

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