i dont like 22nd DECEMBER, whatever do you say!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I dont like tomorrow, i dont like 22nd december....
i dont like iwan fals song-Ibu,
i also dont like melly goeslaw song-Bunda I HATE IT ALL!!! 

I hate when i have to cry to face tomorrow,
i hate when i have to cry to hear people make a poem for their mother,
i hate when i have to cry to see a children say to their mom "happy moms day"
i tired to cry... let me quiet... can i be quiet...

its to hard to life without you mom,
i need your figure now, when i growing be a teenager.
hard when i have to face ramadhan when break fast me, my dad, my lil bro and sist just break it with fast food, and also hard to face idul adha and idul fitri without her figure cause i have to clean my house by myself.

its hard to face it all although there is a new figure in my life, there is no one can change you.
i also need and miss to say "mommy" i ever angry to my friend who snap their mother, i ever advice my friend who tell me what they doesnt like from their mother character. 

cause however your mom character, but they still a figure who fight to make you life, they fight to make you grow up. i dont wanna hear whatever do you say... i dont wanna hear whatever do you say when i tell you about my mom, my sad story about my mom, my sad poem about my mom. however i dont like tomorrow, but i have to face tomorrow.

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