Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you know what is SALON FOTO? mmm actually i dont know much about this event, i just know that this event is a photo exhibition from all of photographer association from indonesia. the photo shown by a selection, so before they are showing, they have to though the stages so they can selected. i know this event from my friend, she told me that there was a photo exhibition in trans studio makassar.. mmm anyway i forget the date where did i go to that event... so these are some photo from the exhibition


Now, how do you think about those photo? well when i saw it, im very excited, i do love photography so im so excited when i was saw it, i have many question, how can they get some photo like that? how can they do editing for those photo? i wanna be like them, they can take a photo with a good view, they can edit that so the photo can be more good.
Mmm anyway nowadays, when i have camera, i try to learn how to know all the parts of my camera, i wanna prove to my family who say that is not reasonable to buy it, and it just waste my money that i can make money from that camera, and i also wanna be a professional photographer, amin amin, im sure that i can get it if i do try and pray... :D

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