Photo Concept for Putroh Ramadhan

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holla! Its been a long time didnt post something here. Ah how i miss to see this blog. Because of the busyness of work and the hectic days, so i just post something now. And because of... a lil bit of laziness. Hehe...

Comment ca va? How are you? Well, take care of your healt ya. Cause the rain come everydays now. Well, to you all my lovely readers i'll tell you a story of my photo concept for my designer friend Putroh Ramadhan.

That day he asked me to took a picture of his design, with his model too. We did it in my campus, oh how i love the new buildin' there, its so a good place to take a pic there. So many people come to take a pic.

I always love to do a photo concept, especially a fashion photo. Since in university i always did it. Most of my friends ask me to make the concept, look the wardrobe & the model, & absolutely do the style or we can say the work as the fashion stylist. Cause thats my hobby, oh i love it! Hope someday i can be a professional fashion stylist. Amin.

Yep, now... lets see my photos

The Team
Talent: Endah @@endah_ayuf7
Designer : Putroh Ramadhan @putrohramadhan
Make up & Hair do : Sany Setiawan @sany_setiawan
Photo & Edit : by me, Pratiwi A
and also taken by @cintadindas

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