IDFW 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Salut mes amis! Mean, hy friends...
Have you ever heard about IDFW or Indonesia Fashion Week? Yaa, maybe for you, fashion enthusiast, you already know it. Mmm... Its a biggest fashion festival in Indonesia, like as a fashion week around the world, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Hongkong Fashion Week, and etc.
I love to attend this event, because i'll meet new friends there, or meet up with my old friends, meet up with every people who have the same passion with me, and yeah, its amazing!

I meet up with a lot of fashion blogger too there, with kak Avel, kak Fahad, Uwi, kak Sabrina, and another fashion enthusiast like fashion stylist, fashion designer, and etc. Maybe they still remember me, or maybe not anymore, cause we are in a different city, but i proud of theme because they're getting better in their passion right now, they become a fashion stylist for a famous brand maybe, and many more.

Here i was with one of my old friend and met with an Indonesia's fashion stylist.

Ilonk Sarizqi


Outfit : Hat : A gift from my boyf @isabintang
            Scarf, socks and shirt : Unbranded
            Palazzo pants : Local store
            Sandals : Adorable Projects

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