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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hello! wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup? aah its been a long time no post here. Miss y! Hey its a month babe! huaaaa pardonnez moi, im so sorry, a big big sorry for you all the gorgeous fashionista :( its kinda crazy, as a blogger, right?
Well, im in final exam now. Wish me luck, wish me luck guys :')
Alors, j'ai pris les photos avec mes amis (i've been take some photos with my friends)
Actually just for fun, hehe. So funny to be there with 'em, be a part of 'em, got a new family, its so a happy thing to have new friends but they just like my new family since i stay in Semarang.

with the leader here, yeah.

with beloved friend, sebi.

I really love this moment, and this new family. Anyway we are the community of photography, you can call us CLIC (Club Leassure d'Image Chasseure).

So thats ya, au revoir 

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