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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

salut! comment allez-vous mes amis? moi, je suis bien.

Yeah this is a nice holiday for me, cause im not just stay at home in this holiday. I have many activities, one of them, I came to trick art japan in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, with my friends. Well, I gone around with my friend, have fun, let all the stress fly away, and enjoy the holiday time. Yuhuuu enjoy your holiday, use all your holiday as well as you can before you come back to your reality and activities, and also don’t forget to make your real activities as maximum as you can, okay! Mmmm well, in my campus, I got one month for holiday in my first semester, but I think that’s so long, but no problem it’s a week left before I start my study in second semester.

and now, i've to prepare all and study again before the class start. face tomorrow, and never make it be  the burdens. keep all your positif ambition and pations. chaoooowww, au revoir.

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  1. uda di folback,dear :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. nice outfit :) maaf ya baru aku balas smsnya, hehe baru inget pas kamu comment

  3. you guys looks very cute and sweet =)
    looks a lot of fun together!!
    nice big size top and scarf, dear..

    visit my fashion blog sometimes !
    hope you'll like my style =D


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