Monday, August 20, 2012

             Assalamualaikum lady lady lady. upss sorry, i mean not only for lady, but for aaaaallllll lovely readers. Yap! right! bienvenue lebaran, and of course bienvenue syawal. we will greet syawal with fasting for 6 days. are you ready guys? well, hows your lebaran? is it great? mmmm mine was so great! yaaa although i cant go to sholat eid, cause im late readers, huuu how poor am i! ya, it so a bad prelude, then we change it with some photoshoot (i mean, me and my family)

Next, go to my family's home. did you know what i found there? im so happy cause my cousin give me my favorite food, big shrimps and big crabs, oh ya, i also eat kapurung there, have you eat it? there is a typical food from palopo, south sulawesi. yah yah yah. its was a great lebaran history that i ever had, of course before i back to the reality that 4 days left before i go to my campus at semarang, yeah so far from my home town. No prob! dont be sad! face it!

some photo with my family on lebaran day

 Happy eid mubarok fellas, hope you also have a great on your aidil fitri. see yaa.

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