Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SO I WANT IT!! what i want? i want make a fashion blog, mmmm actual i wonder it, i wish it can be true, not only my dream. someday i want many people see my blog and love it, love myself, amiin. i wanna be a person who loved by many people, i want recognize by many people, cause i need more friend...

 i know nowadays my blog have no many visitors, i dont know why, maybe cause my blog isnt interesting, or maybe im just a new in this area... so can i be a person who have a fashion blog? i wish i also can be a fashion trendsetter... i love fashion so i wish it become to me.

mmm anyway i have some project with my dearest sister PRILIA DARMANA about fashion blog, i wish its not only our dream but also can be true.... and we still keep it until we success and the project finish. i now Allah hear our desire and i hope Allah fulfill it :) someday i also want one of my blog visitor give me awards, amin :) actually, have an blog account without visitors is so bad and make me sad... i always have a desire to write in my blog... but without you all lovely visitors, its so meaningless :)

so first, i wish i wish i wish, i can make a fashion blog 2nd i have many visitors, 3rd my visitors love myself and my blog, 4th i can get awards in my blog, 5th i get many friends from blog, 6th i can be a hijab girl who can be a fashion trendsetter... or maybe people love my style and can inspired by my style amiiiiiinnnnnn although this post meaningless for u and you dont know this post direction and purpose, but i just wanna share my dream :)

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