Pattern VS Tie Dye

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bonjour mes amis!
Hey lovely readers how do you doin’? How is your week-end? Is it good, bad, mad or great? Mine is great, yeah absolutely yours can be great too. Laaa laaa I’ve done some photo session in “somewhere over the rainbow” MDR, no no no it just on my campus area, and of course that’s only for yaa LocalBrandID
Yeah this is for the contest of Local Brand ID. Gimme a gold victory, gimme gimme gimme :D
Anyway this is actually my campus outfit a week ago, but suddenly I remember “hey, this is pattern pants, why don’t I do some photo for Local Brand ID contest” K so I do it. voila!

photo by Dhefi Hadriknasari

See you later guys, bon week-end

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