Late Post: Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Salut! Guys for this, actually its too late to post all the things about Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 which held on 14th-17th February 2013. Cause I’m so lazy to choose the photo. Huhu pardon-moi (forgive me) readers. Well that event not only about fashion show, cause it’s the biggest fashion week event and I proud can be there and be a part of blogger there. So many profits I got, I got an ID as blogger, so I can access the fashion show whenever I want. Got many merchandise, shopping, and got many new friends from fashion blogger, and photographer, SO LUCKY CAN BE THERE!

I’ve sit in front of the stage with all the photographers, and journalists there. Actually I can sit in media section as a guest, but I prefer to sit in front of stage so I can get a nice angle, so check this out guys

Gregorius Vici
Sugeng Waskito
Nevi Kusuma

Ferry Daud

Jimmy Fei-Fei

Bintang  MirA
Nefrin Fadlan

Dini Pratiwi Irawati

Stephanus Hamy

So thats the show for 4 days that i've seen, honestly there was a moslem day but i forgot to brought my battery camera, but no problem cause the event was so great. chawwww et au revoir mes amis

All photo by me : Habiba Pratiwi

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