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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Salut! Guys how are you doing? How about your day? Is it better then before? What your activity? Mmm, mine? Im good as usually, I don’t know is it better then before or anything else, but I think this is flat, and busy. Just go around with photography, fashion design class, and learn France literature and the language. But I think for more, its not too flat, there’s a step-up. My illustration more increase, I learn it step by step. My France language also increased, although that just a little. And my photography skill, cause now I study about photo concept and absolutely it become specific then before. I learn it of course as the support my biggest dream, become a fashion designer and have my own brand, so when I have to take a photo for my product, I don’t need to call a photographer anymore, cause I can do it by myself, mdr.

Anyway, two weeks ago when I had a photography class in my senior’s photo studio, my friends and me did some photo shoot after the class, hehe. Voila! C’est les photos

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