Thursday, February 16, 2012

This early year... moshaict has been make their second magazine, with KAMI IDEA shawl edition and 15th hijab tie dye styles...

from the first time i bought it... im so curious to open the wrapper... then i open it, there was three models on it,Ina Rovi,Indah Nada Puspita, and Nurul Uul Adiganti... Till now it never bored to see and open it, anytime i want :) 

Indah Nada Puspita
Nurul Uul Adiganti
Ina Rovi
they was so beautiful.... 
and this is the cover, cover model by Ina Rovi, Si Pelangi Hati
I think this magazine can be a good inspiration for our hijab style. MOSHAICT allocate a cool style for formal and informal. You all teenager, adult also can follow the style that allocated by MOSHAICT magazine
 I do buy the first magazine by Ria Miranda, named INSPIRATION by RIA MIRANDA.
It has a cute style, cause allocate a soft color of fashion touch on it, so its nice for feminine woman by the way such us the sticker on the cover of INSPIRATION by RIA MIRANDA i actually have a voucher to shopping in HOUSE of RIAMIRANDA, but i cant use the voucher cause it only applicable in jakarta, padang, and bandung.. :( but its ok. no problem.
i love to buy them and have them. fashionable and able to be our style inspiration :) waitin for the next of it

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  1. hey salam kenal. blogger makassar:)

  2. Haii slm knal juga :) Gmn blog ku? apa yang kurang?


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