Friday, February 24, 2012

Its 52nd days left before i leave my senior high school... SMAN 15 makassar. Then i would find another world to go....
life is go... and im growing. world is rotary and im still walking. Well, i try to found my world and make it better then before. I try to going and walking around, to looking for new life.

There is so many thing that i've to choose, yeah we have to choose, cause our life full of choice.
i have to choose between UGM, UNPAD, UNBRAW or other. Or...... i have to choose GERMAN???

At the first time my teacher ask to my classmate, "do you wanna continue your study in german ?" then we just say nothing...
nothing to say cause we think it so expensive, so we cant do it, we cant go to there...
but if im not wrong, my friend said, if we wanna go and continue our study there, the government of german will pay all of our study costs. First time i hear that, im so surprise, then i hope it true....

so i think, can i go and continue my study there? then my friends and i who want it so, always looking for the information and surfing on internet how we can go there and study there...

we get info, that we have to coach in Goethe Institute and student collage in jakarta before and get a certificate B1 before we go to german, but my problem is the costs... can my daddy pay it?? the minimum fee is RP 50.000.000. Actually im so afraid to say the costs to my daddy, i wont impose him with the costs. So now i just can try hard to looking for the information how to continue my study in german and pray so Allah can help my daddy to get money so he can pay my costs before until i come to german, amiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

hey... by the way... before this, i never think about GERMAN, even for think to high to study in one of university and life in german, NEVER!!!!
I even think that i hate german language, i wont beat with GERMAN language anymore after senior high school, but the prove now is i want to stay and study in one of university in german.... so the lesson is, never hate something very much, cause you maybe love it so much someday. trust me!

mmm my friend said one of what being priority in german is fashion, sooooo i want to study about fashion, but until now i still looking for the university which is allocate a fashion designer faculty, cause the most faculties and university that i got are business, management, and technical.


Several place in german
Yap i just can upload it now, i dont wish to go there yet, but i only can study, pray and try now, such as my daddy said... bismillahirrahmanirrahim, hear my wishes Allah, i just wanna make my parents happy, amin. Last i just wanna say dream, believe and make it happen  "AGNES MONICA"

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  1. looking forward to reading another entry :) Much love xx

    1. how sweet! thanks for waitin' ma new entry :')
      and so sorry cause i just updated my blog, so difficult to update it from few months ago, my laptop was broke, so i couldnt update ma blog.

      nice to know you Donna :)

      Best regards

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