Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ive joined hijabers makassar event, hijab class. so many times that HMM spend to make and event, and on that time also i didnt have a chance to join in that event :(
from 2011 when i know about hijabers makassar i really wanna join and be the member of HMM, unfortunately i recently can be the member on 2012 when the committee of HMM open the register in Makassar Komunitas Kreatif (MKK 2012).

anyway girls, this event held by HMM in singgasana hotel, and there also a bazaar moslem and Earth Hour Makassar which is do a campaign about how we can save our earth...
oh ya also there is an exchange member card of HMM be a mandiri card where the card also useful as HMM member card...

curious to see the event? Lets check this out :p

my goodie bag

The briefing from mandiri bank about the new card of HMM

the condition of hijab class in singgasana hotel

 the committee of hijabers makassar

 HMM committee

 HMM committee

little meeting of HMM committee

 they were take a photo in laptop

the hijab tutorial, by the HMM committee

HMM photo session for Earth Hour Makassar

last condition, before photo session

 hijabers moeslem makassar committee

the distribution of CHOCOLICIOUS brownies from committee

last time when all participant busy to take a photo


 bazaar moeslem

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