Mes Rouges

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hola hola hola week-end! Hows your day buddy? Is it going well? Great? So so? Or bad? Mine is bad :( cause something. Yah i try to not focus on it. I'll get a headache if 
I think it. And the other thing that make me dissapointed is i didnt join the competition of galeries lafayette this year. But ok, no problem, i can do it next year.
Anyway guys lemme tell you, i join localbrandID competition again. This is ma 2nd time. I hope i can be the lucky one for this year. Amen

Photo by : andi tenri ajeng

Shirt : my mom vintage
Skirt : chicgirl

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  1. hey..your shoes so gorgeous <3
    sorry for the late reply, btw..

    very nice to know you. Mind to follow my blog?
    thankyou (:


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