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Monday, October 14, 2013

Salut there ! Comment allez vous? I mean how are you? 
So nice can be here again. Oh how i miss to write down in this blog :')
So, i know its really a worst thing when i, as the fashion blogger not update my blog every month. Im kinda bad for this, i dont have a commitment to do it every month, although it just once a month. Alors, i know my last post was in july. And also 2 month before it i didnt post anything here! After may. Haaah pardonnez moi (im so sorry for that).
Beside it, i also have a problem with my laptop, it was broke, and it made me couldnt post in this lovely blog.

Alors, maintenant (so now) as my apologize i'll tell ya about what i've done a few month ago. I did a photo shoot with my senior. It was my concept, about fashion of course, although my concept was not really strong, but at least i tried to learn.
The concept is about a woman who fastened by fashion. And these are the result guys :)

Model : Iree
Photographer : Habiba pratiwi
Lighting : Galih
Studio : Trees Creative
Wardrobe by : Nona Hendrika, Debby Julia Abygael, & Iree
Thanks to : All of the people above
Mbak Bella (Trees Creative)
Mas Uul (Trees Creative)
Mas Lintang
and also my beloved CLIC

I have many photo from this photoshoot. But i just edited 3 pictures

Anyway guys, tomorrow is idul adha, right?
So i jusy wanna say

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  1. don't really know about fashion :| but who cares, happy ied! haha


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