Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey hooo more and more guys :D

now im thinking about these six letter F.U.T.U.R.E

when i think it, so many things appear in my mind.
  • what will happen in my future?
  • how do i in the future?
  • where ill be in the future?
  • in what university ill be a student?
bla bla bla bla.... how to answer it all??? i dont know how cause the answer is in my future...
insya Allah ill answer it in my future, amin.

but now, i wanna tell about my dream in future, but before it i wanna tell you what AGNES MONICA has said about dream, she ever said "dont ever stop to dreaming" and for me it has some implied meaning, that beside we havent stop to dreaming, also we have to realize it with always pray and try, cause it just can be a dream if we arent espouse it with effort and pray, isnt it?? so realize your dream with pray and try

back to my job ladies and gentleman (aaahh no no no its not a debate) mmm about my dream for future,
of course the first i wanna i have to pass my national exam with good value and beyond the default value, amien.
the second, my high dream is i wanna i have to course in english literature of UGM, amien.
beside it, my third dream is i wanna i have to take an education in STAN jakarta, amien.
or the fourth choice in PLN jakarta, amien.
if you ask me why do i scratch the words "i wanna" and change it be "i have to", ill answer it, cause it can be a motivation for me to reach it when i require it become to myself, and if i use "i wanna" it same as i just want it, i just hope it, but i wont try so it can be to me. so i have to spirit to reach it, either pass the N.E and continue it in UGM, pass the N.E and continue it in STAN jakarta, or pass the N.E and continue it in PLN jakarta. amiiiinnnn.

oh ya, why do i wont continue my study in makassar, cause maybe i influenced with what people say that if we study in university in makassar like in (sensor) we cant accept in java when we want to take a job in java, cause some people i heard say some of the college student in makassar like to do demonstration, although i know that wherever we want to continue our study its up to us, and last, sorry if any people offended by me cause of this post.

last, i just can say pray and try to realize your dream, caww


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