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Thursday, January 11, 2018

 Hy guys, how are you? Im fine here, yep this laziest girl in the world are super fine. Yeah, im tottally the laziest girl cause im super lazy to post on my own blog. Hmm, actually im not that lazy, i just cant concern on my workplace, its really hard to write and unfortunately i spend my time everyday here, almost everyday.

My outfit 

Skip skip skip...
Now i wanna tell you my story about the Meet and Greet Beauty Blogger Makassar with Natasha Skin Care at 22nd December 2017 ago.
Im actually not a Beauty Blogger, but its ok no problem, cause i supposed to know about beauty, cause beauty and fashion always become together rite?

Me with my beauty blogger friends
The place was in Demeat Steak House, jl. Hertasning. One of the Natasha Skin Care branch was also there. I met all of my bloggers friends with all of their beautiful white outfit and their own style too, cause the dresscode was fabulous white. Natasha invited Fitri (Putri Indonesia-Sulawesi Selatan 2017) as the guest, and there were also dr. Arther, dr. Theo and Ms. Inet from Natasha. They served us very well, they served the lunch for us, and the one that i cant forgot was the decoration, oh i love it so much.

(Left to right) Fitri - dr.arther - Mrs. Niluh, the host

Before i tell you about this lovely event, i'll introduce you first about Natasha. This beauty clinic is established by dr. Fredy Setyawan and his wife in 1999 in Jogjakarta with his daughter name Natasha. After the success in Jogja, he opened a new branch in Madiun, then in Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, Purwokerto and many more. They have many treatments or skin care like Natasha Botanical Skin Facial, Natasha Passive Exercise, Natasha Facial Oxygen Botanical, etc. 

So, yaa thats all i know. Back to the job. This Meet and Greet is one of the series event for Natasha 23rd birthday and Makassar is the 9th city.  There's also a beauty talkshow here and they introduced us the new product of Natasha, Natasha Argan Herbal Travel Pack for you guys who wont bring heavy things, its contain: 

  • Argan Herbal Body Lotion
  • Argan Herbal Shampoo
  • Argan Herbal Conditioner
  • Argan Herbal Bath Shower
Argan Herbal Travel Pack
You can get it for Rp.93.500. Its good for you who have a dry skin, and oh! i love the smell, much much love, its smell like a baby powder you know. For you who dont know what argan is, its a plant that grow up just in Marocco. This product can be a moisturizer. Dont worry, all of Natasha's products contains natural ingredients and registered in BPOM.  
and "Natasha Facial Cleanser O2 Bubble". 

What is that? This product is a kind of cleanser that can clean your make up just for few minutes. The oxygen inside this cleanser make a lot of bubble after you use it in your face for few minutes. It's very easy to use, you just have to apply it on your face and let it there for few minutes till the bubble out, then rinse it with water. That's it. So its really suitable for you girls who really lazy or tired to clean up the make up on your face like me, haha. Eits, one that i almost forget to tell you, the price is Rp.83.600 for a 100g bottle.

Last but not least guys, ill tell you about Natasha's campaign #imNatasha and the purpose is to tell us to dare to have a bare face rather than covering the deficiencies in our face aaand i have a good announcement for ya guys. Natasha has a giveaway travelling to Japan for 10 persons and vouchers worth 5 billions rupiah. 

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  1. really love ur style of reporting, Tiwi.. and also in love with Argan Herbal Travel Pack.. natural ingredients with rich moisturizer :)

  2. Hai Tiwi, posting a blog post actually need an effort and mood. When I'm not in the mood of writing, my ability of writing is totally gone and disappear 😂😂. So I really feel you 😘.
    Nice sharing Tiwi 💕

  3. wahhhh cantik-cantik semua kakak" MAM's aku deh... luv


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