Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

         What do you wait in your premier of year guys? Me, some excited things, happy moments, great moments, that always I wait in the premier of the year, INDONESIA FASHION WEEEEEEEEEK (ups, how much I have to write to show my greatest feelin' of IFW, haha)
Yup, for 3 years from 2013 until now I always check for the update of IFW's social medias, such as the twitter (@indonesiafw) and in Instagram @indonesiafashionweek to  now when the blogger can submit to be an official blogger of Indonesia Fashion Week. Well that's great been there two years ago.
          As a bloggers we can get sooo many profits there, we can get new friends from the medias, photographers, models, designers, fashion bloggers and all fashion people. Of course their not only from Indonesia, there's also from the other countries, Italy, Japan, etc. And oh, if you are a fashion student don't let your chance go to win 100 billion rupiah, a chance to presenting your designs in Hongkong Fashion Week, and study in Koefia Italy for a few months with free tuitions.
        So what are you waitin' to be there? Be there guys, this 26th until 1st March. Dress up as yourself and enjoy Indonesia Fashion Week 2015.

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