Passion et les Veritables Amis

Thursday, April 24, 2014

We met and knew each other We met and knew each other by an internship at on February 2014, and till know we’re still friends, and partner. I love them, they always support me, support my style, help me when I confuse to mix and match my outfit, while the others feel my style is weird. Well, actually I have two more friends, Yesaya, and Bang Rizky, but they couldn’t come, yeah cause we’re live in different place. Here, Adi and Dee, Adi, Bang Rizky, and me live in the same town, but Dee and Yesaya in the different town, that’s make me sad, we cant hang out together whenever we want, but thanks for social media, we still communicate each other cause it.

Me, Adi, and Dee

Find them out : Dee
Rizky hafizan :

Find friends with same hobby and passion, they will support you and you can share everything about your passion with 'em.

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