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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Holla! Howdy? Wassup? How’s life? How are you? These are for ya babe! Haha, me? Super great! So that’s why they are for ya. Hope you all super happy too, like me.

Do the same activities again for 4 month, back to campus! That’s actually from this March 3, 2014 till July. Back to class, back to ma photograph community, and maybe I’ll work but just part time. These are 3 general activities but they have many branches. Kinda busy! No no no! but too busy! Haha. But no problem, do those things happily will make it easier, yay!
Well anyway, beside all of your busy activities, don’t forget to be happy and holiday, okay?

 Inner Scarf : Kayla Collection
Shirt & dress : My mom's vintage
Hat : from Dieng

These are actually taken…. ? haha I forget when its taken -.-
But its taken by ma partner in crime. No! but, ma fashion partner, my senior, my brother, bla bla bla… Taraaaaa! He is Monsieur Rizky Hafizan Lubis, dont forget to visit his blog too, he's also a fashion blogger. Yay! As always. Edited by him too. He’s actually was post it on his blog, but no problem.

Merci de votre attention. Au revoir!

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  1. I like the shirt color :D


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. love your tartan shirt <3

    btw i'm having choker and yellow dress giveaway on my blog, don't forget to join
    Don't miss it :D

  4. Cool tartan shirt love it!


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