SFF 2013 : DAY 3 "A Tale of Three Cities" (Ina Priyono)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mrs. Ina Priyono as the designer

This is my last post for semarang fashion festival 2013, day 3. Actually i have an interview with Mrs Ina Priyono but so sorry, i feel so tired and lazy to write it down on this post, but i wanna give a big thanks to Mrs. Ina Priyono for the kind, would be interviewed.
alors, c'est tout mes beau et belle amis, au revoir

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  1. asik banget ya kayaknya.. aku skip acara ini sih.
    telat taunya, udah accept invitation acaranya Lekat duluan (on my previous post)
    Lulut and me botha re invited to the event, ya jelas kita post sama, hahaha

    1. iya kak, tp pas yg hr trkhr agk ssh msknya, mst pake invtation, tp untungnya bs dpt.

  2. nice post :)

    uda lama lo coloringnya... 1 bln lbih ada kyknya... hahhahaha :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

    1. ohehe i just know about it, bru mrhtiin di latest postnya kk.

  3. love the collection! wish i could attend it ><
    anyway, join OASAP GIVEAWAY on my blog and win one of gorgeous summer clothings!


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