Bonne Année À Tous

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Hoaaaaaa hey there. salut! long time no post, long time no see. august to this january, too long. Actually im not so busy but i dont have a chance to post and face my laptop but i always miss to post on this lovely blog. so many changer which was happened to my life after i enter the new life. learn about french, learn about the culture in french, the language, the literature and all. so love my new life here, sharping my photography knowledge, hey and try the new knowledge that i want sharping it from senior high school. fashion design, yay! so passion of that. hope me luck in it, success in it, and catch up all my dream here.

 a narcissism because of a failed new year -.-"

top by : dian pelangi
scarf by : aluyya
moustache ring : i bought it from malioboro yogya

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