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     Assalamalaikum ladies... oh my gosh how long that im not write on this blog? deeply i miss it so much! yeah i know that i always miss to write on this blog, cause im so rarely to post. Actually i have many thing to post, but no chance for it, hooooh! how poor am i!

oh ya! how about your ramadhan? do you still fasting? do you still taraweh? and do you still chase your reward from Allah? i hope you all still do it! :) ya ya ya so sorry cause i know that it soooo late to ask about it all cause lebaran day is coming up. yup! its one more day and we will catch up our sacred, or we can say we will be holy like a baby in lebaran. hooaaammm -.-" bla bla bla bla blaahh. 

    hey yaa guys how do you spend your holiday?? is it good? mine is good :) i spend my time till lebaran in my village with my family. Before i back to the real life that i ought to leave my family and continue my study in semarang, yah i've to accept that my collage is in semarang. so-far-from-makassar (spell it!)

me and my cousin

me, my cousin and my aunty 

actually these photos are in central market in my village, yap! they are selling here. ashamed? why do i've to ashamed to admit it. during it still warrant, right?

im so sorry for the bad resolution of the photo

hey, anyway the two tone shawl (pink and orange) that i use in the photo are from nina's scarf its a brand from makassar, yey :D check it check it, buy it buy it

And the last "happy LEBARAN, happy aidil fitri 1433h" hope we can be sacred more. forgive me if i have a guiltiness with you all, enjoy your lebaran guys.

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