FEMME 2012

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          Woman... is a wonderful creator in this world...  there is always a special thing from woman.... always there a created for woman. For me, its a special thing created by Allah as a women, so we have to grateful for that beautiful :)

one of the creation that created for woman is FEMME a.k.a Female On The Move, this event just held on makassar 4th-8th april in clarion hotel, and i was went to there :)

This is the first day i go there, on 5th april


Ajeng, my best friend, hihi >.<
with k Kia

the hijab tutorial from NISA KR UTAMI
talk show by Dian Pelangi
hijab tutorial by Dian Pelangi

The models, Dian Pelangi and the Administrator of Dian Pelangi Boutique Makassar
somewhere over the rainbow, there so many visitor like the product by Dian Rainbow

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