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Well, two week ago i have to finish my art practice exam, so my classmate twelve exact one and absolutely me, decide to perform saman dance from aceh.
so when the day come, we used traditional cloth from aceh.

Me and some of my friend took a time to take a picture before the show, hihi.

Ani, Me, and Ulfah :)
With Ani, Ulfah and Dzuhran. hihi look at all of our expression, Ani smiling, i dreamin, idk ulfahs expression, is it look like shock? and Dzuhran looking somethin there
expression of dreamin. what we are dreamin for?
who are the cute one? ani with her expression, me with my width smile, or zahra?
unusual expression of me and ani, also with the sweet smile from ulfah :) keep smilin' ladies
look at my face and my expression, they are smilin and me?

expression of evil face, hoho, rawr

our arrogant expression
smileeee :D
i wanna cry, with 2 girls smilin' beside me. dont cry girl

over dosage of arrogant expression
i like ulfahs expression here :)
look at the window, who is she? hihi

shock, or????

where am i?
the new face behind me, risna

contrast with my sad expression and ani smile

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