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BEFORE I GO..... hahaha... i think its look like a poem.... aahhh its so over --" mmm i just wanna share my photo before i go to my family....

LOL crazy little thing but to be an extra ordinary person we have to do crazy little thing, i mean, we have to think crazy but only in small portion. why i say that this is a crazy little thing? cause this is the first time i use turban style to go outside my house, some time before it, i also feel shy to use turban cause i have a round face, and i feel its too old if i use turban style, but no problem, i try to do that... i have to brave to do that.. and dont you know who was take that photo?? and the person is my lil sister, i think her way to take a photo is not to bad.. i hope she can be a photographer when she become a teen :) hope so ya... see you :DDDD

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